7 fashion classics that should not be missing in any closet

Which pieces I appreciate the most in my closet and from which one has fashionably seen even after years something. That's exactly what today's blog post is about: Here come 7 fashion classics that should not be missing in any closet!

  1. The Button Down Shirt
    Which item of clothing is most often represented in my closet? Definitely white shirts and blouses. I have at least 15 pieces hanging on the hangers and love their versatility. A real classic, with which one never twas wrong is the button down shirt. Chrakteristisch for this is the collar, which is made with two buttons (buttons) down at the collar tip.
  2. The Chino Pants 
    The chino has been around for decades and Americans in particular love the comfy cloth pants. I remember when they were THE fashion trend for men a few years ago. Patrick loved them and wore them up and down. As you know, I personally also much prefer to wear cloth pants than jeans for example. My favorite chino is in classic beige and fits so not only ideal in my wardrobe, but can also be styled with any other color. Current models go to the ankle and are cut figure-hugging for us women.
  3. The Polo Shirt 
    The success story of the polo shirt began back in the early 20th century in Italy. Polo players wore light, hip-length jerseys made of cotton because of the warm, subtropical climate. Later, the polo shirt spilled over into Europe, where it was quickly integrated into the sport of tennis. From then on, it made its way and over the years became a commercial bestseller as a casual shirt and shirt substitute. The polo shirt has never shed its sporty (slightly elitist) image. But it doesn't have to! Today, the polo shirt can be found on the tennis court, on polo fields as well as on the streets of this world - they are a fashion classic. And what is characteristic of the polo shirt? Ribbed collar, short sleeves with also slightly ribbed and elastic cuffs.
  4. The college jacket
    Remember all those high school teen movies where the coolest boys of the year always wore their casual collage jackets through the school hallways? I thought so ;) The sporty jackets belong to casual style just like cool sneakers. Gant brings out a new model for women and men every year. My model which you see above is actually from this year from the men's collection. I love the colors and the mix of styles you can create with the jacket.
  5. The fitted short blazer 
    Almost as often represented as white blouses and shirts, are blazers in my closet. The cuts range from long blazers to oversize models to waisted shorter models. Color-wise, you never go wrong with timeless colors like black, dark blue but also beige. My model above has a textured fabric, contrasting buttons and patch pockets - all elements that make a blazer exciting.
  6. The striped shirt
    The perfect mix of eye-catcher and cozy basic? A striped shirt! The Heavy Rugger by Gant is a real classic and looks best with jeans and sneakers. Color-wise, you can of course vary here according to taste. Besides my red/pink, the shirt is also available in other colors.
  7. The Cable Knit Sweater 
    Last but not least: Knit sweaters! Now at the cold season, warm and beautiful sweaters are the essential in every closet. One type that is worn up and down every year is the so-called "cable knit" sweater, also known as sweater with cable knit pattern. Who likes it classic wears it in dark blue or cream :) Here is definitely also worth investing in a high-quality model like from Gant, because you can really get this type of sweater every year again from the closet.

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